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gfx read elements body11.exf
# 3D element groups
gfx create egroup body
gfx modify egroup body add elements all
gfx create egroup core
gfx modify egroup core add elements 3..4,6..9,12..15,17..18,23..24,26..29,32..35,37..38,43..44,46..49,52..55,57..58,63..64,66..69,72..75,77..78,83..84,86..89,92..95,97..98,103..104,106..109,112..115,117..118,123..124,126..129,132..135,137..138,143..144,146..149,152..155,157..158,163..164,166..169,172..175,177..178,183..184,186..189,192..195,197..198,203..204,206..209,212..215,217..218
gfx create egroup abdomen
gfx modify egroup abdomen add elements 1..100 group core
gfx create egroup thorax
gfx modify egroup thorax add elements 101..160 group core
gfx create egroup neck
gfx modify egroup neck add elements 161..180 group core
gfx create egroup head
gfx modify egroup head add elements 181..220 group core
# 2D face groups
gfx define field is_diaphragm and fields abdomen thorax
gfx create egroup diaphragm
gfx modify egroup diaphragm add faces conditional_field is_diaphragm
gfx define field is_non_core not field core
gfx create egroup non_core
gfx modify egroup non_core add elements conditional_field is_non_core
gfx define field is_core_boundary and fields core non_core
gfx create egroup "core boundary"
gfx modify egroup "core boundary" add faces conditional_field is_core_boundary
gfx define field is_exterior is_exterior
gfx define field is_on_face_xi3_1 is_on_face face xi3_1
gfx define field is_skin and fields is_exterior is_on_face_xi3_1
gfx create egroup skin
gfx modify egroup skin add faces conditional_field is_skin
# 1D line groups
gfx create egroup "spinal cord"
gfx modify egroup "spinal cord" add lines 59,150,219,288,357,426,495,564,633
gfx write elements nodes body_groups11.exf